The smell of settled dust after a late afternoon summer thunderstorm, the gentle sight of a
sunset over wildlife only read about in most other parts of the world, the touch of earth that
makes you feel so grounded that intentional breathing comes naturally, the sound of
community, bustling streets or conversations around a sizzling braai, and the tastes. The tastes that bring familiarity, the tastes that awaken memories and stir emotion. The tastes that make South Africa.

Theo and Cindy Marais married in 2005 and have three delightful daughters who are
ambitious, energetic and conscientious.
The Marais’ courage lead them down a new path and in 2016 they crossed borders and left
the home they’d always known for a new home in New Zealand. They blended into their new
reality easily and felt connected with New Zealand.

All of our stories are entwined and from a strong calling of wanting to share the wealth of what South Africa has to offer as a gift to New Zealand, the dream of South African Pantry was born. A dream that was made real by sacrifice and Jehovah-jireh. This is Theo and Cindy’s wonderful way of contributing to the nation of New Zealand.
If you are a South-African, South African Pantry will feel like home to you, like Ubuntu. If you are not familiar with South African products, let us serve and bless you by sharing what we know.
Come and check out our extensive range of traditional South African products or just come
say howzit.

Preparing for a potjiekos or a bring-and-braai, we’ve got you covered. Can you taste and
smell the boerie rolls or biltong to chow while you watch rugby in your Springbok supporter gear? And for dessert we have koeksisters, melktert, peppermint crisp tart and a rusk to dip in your coffee. Of course you can walk away with some droë wors for padkos and remember the Creme Soda and choccies!
We hope to see you now-now!